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Learn how the robust portfolio of process and packaging solutions for food and confectionery offered by our OEM partners can help you achieve your project goals with highly efficient machinery.

Syntegon BDS 0116 / 6000

For the confectionery industry the Gravomat BDS 0116/6000 is a very economical and flexible weighing, dosing and mixing system for the highest quality requirements.

Output: max. 10,000 kg/h

Syntegon BKK 0500 / 0750

The high-performance vacuum-cylinder cooking machine BKK 500/750 is used for continuous cooking of milk hard and soft sugar masses.

Output: 500 – 1,500 kg/h

Syntegon BKK 1000 – 4000

The BKK 1000 – 4000 are continuous cooking lines that are used to manufacture dairy-free and dairy-containing hard caramel masses.

Output: 1,000-4,000 kg/h

Syntegon Makat HC 530 / 1060

The endless chain installation Makat HC 530 / 1060 is controlled by a servo-electrical individual drive through this all course of movement can be optimal adjusted according to the necessary requirements.

Mould width: 530-1,060 mm
Capacity: 250-2,000 kg/h

Syntegon Makat HLM 35 Jumbo RS

The Highspeed Starch Moulding Plant HLM 35 JUMBO RS (RS = Roto Step) is
controlled by servo-electrical individual drives, so that all courses of
movement can be adjusted according to the necessary requirements. At
the same time, a high safety-related standard can be guaranteed by the
individual torsion survey. No chains for the tray transport are used in
the area between feeder and stacker, but the tray transport system Makat
Roto-Step, featuring by low wear and high precision.

Tray width: 1,200 mm

Carugil Ball Forming Lines

Carugil Ball forming lines have been designed to reach high production rates (up to 80 cycles per minute and 380.000 pieces/hour) with high levels of reliability and automation while gently handling liquid and powder center filled ropes. Smaller configurations are also available for medium and entry level producers as well. We offer turnkey lines to guarantee fast start-up and efficient performance of your complete system.


Production rate : up to 80cycles per min

Carugil Lollipop Lines

Lollipop machinery design has evolved considerably over the last few decades. Driven by ongoing changes in consumer behaviours and preferences, lollipop manufacturers need machines that are able to adapt quickly to industry changes, while delivering the speeds they need to maintain a profitable operation. By partnering with an equipment manufacturer, who is able to deliver integrated turnkey systems that are designed with flexibility in mind, lollipop manufacturers are able to ensure they have the technology they need to meet both their current as well as their future needs.


Production rate : up to 1500kg/hr

BVK 2000S

Cutting and packaging of soft and hard sugar masses, chewing candy and chewing gum masses.

Output: up to 1,600 ppm

Miniwrap BVK 2000A

The Miniwrap BVK 2000A is Syntegon’s latest horizontal mini-bag form fill and seal machine for candies and other confectionery articles.

Output: up to 2,000 ppm

Pack 101

The Pack 101 horizontal flow wrapper is an entry-level wrapper that offers the widest product size range currently available on a flow wrapper in its class.

Output: up to 150 ppm

Pack 201

A large variety of mid-range, multi-purpose applications are covered by the Pack 201 wrapper. It is ideal for applications where flexibility and fast changeovers are required due to its use of servo controls and pre-programmable recipes.

Output: up to 450 ppm

Pack 301 LS (Length Slug) Flow Wrapper

With the continued diversification in the global biscuit market, flexibility and adaptability are becoming critical success factors. The Pack 301 LS mid-range automation solution addresses exactly those variables combined with premium product quality.

Output: up to 200 slugs/ min

SVE 1820 MR

The SVE 1820 MR is a twin tube continuous motion vertical bagger designed for very high output in a minimum of floorspace

Output: 10 – 120 bags/min

Sigpack RN

Vertical Flat Pouch Packaging Machine: high speed powder dosing, pouch forming and sealing.

Output: up to 1,000 sachets per minute

SVI 2600

The SVI 2600 is ideal for mid-speed, standard bag styles; such as pillow, gusseted and block bottom bags.

Output: 10 – 120 bags/min

SVZ 1803

The SVZ 1803 is high speed intermittent vertical form fill seal machine with jaw draw-off technology with servo cross sealing system. since salt is very corrosive a lot of care has to be taken while packaging. also salt particles tend to stick to forming tube and packaging material causing slippage of film in belt driven machines.

Output: 25 – 100 bags/min

Terra 25

Entry level Vertical form, fill and seal machine.

Output: up to 80 bags/min

IMCF-SP150 Stick Pack Powder

Stick pack machines at there simplest. The latest generation of IMC single lane stick pack machines is highly advanced and yet most easy to operate. The machine uses the latest technology to control speed, bag length and registration.

IMCF-E2000 Pillow Pack Powder
  • Standard IMC Model Full Servo Drive System.
  • Stainless steel outer frame.
  • Nickel plated internal gear system.
  • High temperature bearings used on all sealing rollers.
Elematic 1001 SL Sideload Casepacker

The Elematic 1001 SL is Syntegon’s standardized Sideload Case Packer for packaging products into Regular Slotted Cases (RSC), also known as American cases. It was specifically designed with ergonomics and robustness in mind.

Output: up to 20 cases/min
Infeed: up to 160 products/min

Elematic 3001 WA/WAH

The Elematic 3001 is a particularly easy and ergonomic Wrap-Around case packer. It handles mid-size and big products. The open machine design following TPM standards supports production. Due to the lowerater principle the Elematic 3001 has a great format and pack style flexibility.

Output: 20 – 30 cases/min

Bagging system

From plastic pellets and fertilizer, sugar, flour, rice and seeds to animal feed, minerals and fuels – our fully automatic packaging systems pack a wide variety of products on a daily basis.

Palletizing system

Our palletizing systems are the perfect complement to the STATEC BINDER bagging systems. Our palletizing systems are unbeatable in the team with the packaging systems, but also stand alone for top performance.

Semi Automatic Bagging

Manual and semi-automatic bagging machines as well as Big Bag filling stations round off the extensive product portfolio of bagging systems.

Weighing and bag closing

Our high-performance net weighers ensure precise weighing and dosing. Depending on the product, the scale is equipped with either belt, screw or gravity dosing. Our patented bag closing system “Over Tape Bag Sealer” or our high-performance sewing machine ensure a secure and precise bag closure.

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